Arrest Easy Dose 5lt

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A synthetic pyrethroid (SP) class pour-on drench for cattle
Contains deltamethrin
Water based formulation
Preventative treatment
Treatment for ectoparasites should occur early in the season as soon as fly irritation or lice infestation is detected. Early treatment will suppress parasite populations and minimise the chances of infestations reaching production-limiting levels. It is important to ensure all cattle are treated for lice at the same time to prevent reinfestation of treated animals by lice from untreated animals.

Animals should be retreated as required for flies and lice.

Introduced cattle should be treated before mixing with the mob.

Control of nuisance fly in cattle
House fly and stable fly are a persistent annoyance and stress to cattle. Stable fly is also a blood sucker, with sharp piercing mouthparts and a painful bite. Flies also spread the bacteria that cause Pink Eye. Irritated cattle are not only more difficult to handle, their productivity is also likely to be well below their best.

Control of biting and sucking lice in cattle
Biting and sucking lice cause intense irritation, resulting in scratching and rubbing, leading to damaged hides, yards and fences. Contented cattle will deliver improved weight gains and milk yield as well as decreasing your workload in repairs and maintenance.

Nil milk withholding period
ARREST EASY-DOSE can be used on lactating dairy cattle, giving dairy farmers the flexibility to treat their animals at the optimal time.

Convenient low volume pour-on application
For ease of administration, ARREST EASY-DOSE is formulated as an easy-flow, low dose, backline application.

Fast acting
Cattle stressed by flies and lice need rapid relief from irritation. ARREST EASY-DOSE provides immediate relief from the irritation caused by susceptible nuisance flies. Lice populations are quickly removed to relieve itching and limit damage caused by scratching. Trials show that 95-100% of lice are killed within two weeks of treatment.

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