Indicator ID 5000 International

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Indicator ID 5000 International


Tru-Test’s unique Superdamp 4™ weighing technology locks onto the weight of the liveliest animals faster than ever before. Combined with a rugged design, suitable for even the most extreme outdoor farm environments, Tru-Test’s weigh scales indicators have earned a global reputation as the animal weight capture and data management solution.

And now we have developed the next generation. The 5000 series.

The ID5000 is faster to set up and access information, with a high brightness screen that is clearly visible in the yards. It also has more options to speed up data transfer and increased storage capacity.

It’s never been easier to track the performance of your animals and make better informed decisions.

Store up to 250 thousand records in 250 weighing sessions. For each animal record up to 3 IDs and 3 pieces of information.
Track performance through calculating and visualising an animal’s weight gain.
Draft up to 5 ways by weight.
Simple and fast to set up with predefined setups or save your own favourite setups to easily switch between jobs.
More data transfer options. Quickly transfer information using your mobile device (Android* or Apple*), USB flash drive or computer (Microsoft Windows*).
Clearly see the screen even in bright sunlight with the high brightness 7″ display.

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