Veanavite No 2 Calf Pellets 20kg

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Veanavite No 2 Calf Pellets 20kg


Veanavite® No.2 Weaner Calf Pellets provide a balance of high protein and energy levels, to support the development of a bigger frame and lean muscle, critical for the foundation of a highly productive cow. Most skeletal growth happens before puberty. Developing a healthy skeletal frame at this stage will reduce the risks of calving difficulties associated with inadequate pelvic size.

High protein levels to promote the development of a stronger and bigger frame.
Bovatec to ensure optimum feed conversion efficiency and aid in the control of coccidiosis.
Calcium and magnesium to help build strong bone growth.
Major trace vitamins and minerals to build the immune system and maintain the growth and health.
Contains buffers to reduce the risk of acidosis.
All protein is derived from natural sources.
Does not contain urea.

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