Our Team

Susan Gorst Photo
Susan Gorst


Cam Conboy Photo
Cam Conboy

Director/ Agronomist

Field Services

Kelly Moore Photo
Kelly Moore


Ash Maconachie Photo
Ash Maconachie


Marcus Smith Photo
Marcus Smith


 Rhys Cottam-Starkey Photo
Rhys Cottam-Starkey


Robbie Neale Photo
Robbie Neale

Senior Livestock Advisor

Alex Prince Photo
Alex Prince

Graduate Agronomist

Sonia Marquardt Photo
Sonia Marquardt

Graduate Agronomist


Sam McDonald Photo
Sam McDonald

Lake Bolac Store Manager

Mick Murray Photo
Mick Murray

Willaura Store Manager

Brendan Plunkett Photo
Brendan Plunkett

Tatyoon Store Manager

Nick Clements Photo
Nick Clements

Skipton Store Manager

Dave Morrison Photo
Dave Morrison

Derrinallum Store Manager

Dirk Morrison Photo
Dirk Morrison

Derrinallum Store Manager

Scott Kumnick Photo
Scott Kumnick

Customer Service – Seed and Fertiliser Logistics

Ryan Townsend Photo
Ryan Townsend

Customer Service – Seed Logistics

John Haines Photo
John Haines


Liam  Christian Photo
Liam Christian

Customer Service and Sales – Lake Bolac

 Al Townsend Photo
Al Townsend

Spreader Driver & Customer Service

 Katie McPherson Photo
Katie McPherson

Fertilser & Customer Service

Claudia Spencer  Photo
Claudia Spencer

Customer Service & Sales-Lake Bolac

Mable Molloy Photo
Mable Molloy

Customer Service & Sales-Lake Bolac

Peter Steer Photo
Peter Steer

Customer Service & Deliveries-Lake Bolac

Claudia Welsh Photo
Claudia Welsh

Customer Service and Sales-Skipton

Lexie Tiller Photo
Lexie Tiller

Fertilser Admin & Customer Service-Lake Bolac

Sam Stewart Photo
Sam Stewart

Customer Service & Sales-Derrinallum


Jan Peacock Photo
Jan Peacock

Administration Manager

Davina Stacy Photo
Davina Stacy

Commercial Manager

Wayne Fleming Photo
Wayne Fleming

Administration Assistant