Agritalk – May 2022

At a Glance…
Cam’s Update.
Early Weed Control in Pasture.
Slug Monitoring .
Ryegrass Staggers in Sheep.
Vaccination Best Practise.

Agritalk – April 2022

At a Glance…
Cam’s Update.
Pre-Season slug control.
Grazing transition to green feed.
Community sponsorships.
Skipton Warehouse Opening.
Dry sowing pre-emergent herbicides.
Ararat vet update.
The McGrath Foundation fundraiser—Lismore.

Agritalk – March 2022

At a Glance…
Cam’s Update.
Welcome to Robbie Neale.
Bovine Johne’s disease (BJD).
New Pre-emergent options for Season 2022.
Testy Tuesdays.
Pre-Season Offer.

Seed Guide 2022

Gorst Rural invests a lot of time and effort into our pasture variety trial, allowing us to identify the ‘best bets’ for our area and your farming enterprise with particular aims in mind.
Custom blends are available on request but turn around times may not be as quick as Gorst Blends.
Pasture mixes will be done on a first in first served basis so be sure to get your orders in early.

Agritalk – February 2022

At a Glance…
Cam’s Update.
Managing Summer Weeds.
Comparing Lime and Gypsum and Dolomite.
Making the most from your stubbles?
Water for livestock
Pre-Sowing Offer 2022. Order online to WIN!

Pre Sowing Offer 2022

Get your pre-season orders in before 25th March 2022.
Be organised, be in the draw to win,
and receive a complimentary mixing jug & gloves!

Major Prize Draw: Win 1 of 2 Uniden Guardian 4G Solar Kits.
Individual Store Prizes – Win a Silicone Respirator Chemical Kit & Protective Coveralls (1 prize per store).

Order your pre-season chemical online through our new online ordering system. The first 5 orders received via our online system received a Styx Mill oil skin vest, (please note you will need a current Gorst Rural account login to order through our website)

Agritalk – December 2021

At a Glance…
Cam’s Update.
Detection of Armyworm in Barley and Oats.
Grain Protectants.
Summer Nutrition.
Stubble Management & Assessment.
Best Practice Quarantine.
Gorst Rural Summer Promo.
Christmas Trading

Agritalk – November 2021

At a Glance…
Cam’s Update.
Crop Topping
Late Insecticide use (WHP, ESI & EGI)
Summer drenching
Have YOUR sheep got “The Silent Killer”?
Perfect Storm for Pinkeye
Pre Joining Workshop
Delmhorst F-2000
Online Ordering

Agritalk – September 2021

At a Glance…
Cam’s Update.
Oestrogenic Clovers.
Don’t set aside your fungicide.
Hypocalcaemia VS Pregnancy Toxaemia in sheep.
Drift Issues.
Fenceline Spraying.
Are you bogged event—29th October 2021.
Gorst Spring Puzzle.

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